The messages below are from customers who used Trophy™ custom tied rigs. They are unsolicited and the only editing has been for minor spelling errors and any personal identifiable information. By the way since the beginning of online sales in 2003 not only has there never been a rig returned because of Failure or Defects but I have not received a single complaint about my rigs and terminal tackle or a request for a refund!

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From: Michael M. Rxxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Tournament Trophy Rig and Miscellaneous Terminal Tackle Order


I want to thank you for your outstanding customer service. My order arrived three days early and I can now send all of my fishing tackle ahead of time (my wife is driving to the Cape with my son for an extended period, I am flying there later). The quality appears outstanding and I have no doubt it will exceed expectations once I put it into service. Also, thank you for the thorough and excellent rigging advice. Being a novice to saltwater fishing in general, and a complete newbie to surf casting in particular, your guidance and advice will certainly have me well ahead of where I started. I have no doubt that any of my future saltwater rigs will be coming from your shop.

It has been a pleasure dealing with such a friendly and enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Best Regards,
Michael M. Rxxxx

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From: Frederick Txxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: RE: Status of order

Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know that I received the order on Wednesday. I can now understand why you call your rigs trophy rigs. I have never seen this level of quality in any other rig in the market. I will be ordering more for the spring season. Thanks again.

Frederick Txxxx - Maryland

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From: John MacDougall
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Trophy Rigs

Dear Bob,
It's rare to find a product or business today that meets all customer expectations. My order was received promptly, your recommendations on what to order and what not to order were sincerely appreciated and proven by the increase in number of fish I caught in the last month. The quality of your rigs, right out of package, exceeded anything available in the shops and dollar for dollar I know their value beats all the competition.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I appreciate your personal assistance and candor. You saved me money and I caught a lot of fish, I call that a win - win! IMHO there are only 4 words to describe a classic American small business like Trophy Rigs - QUALITY - HONESTY - VALUE - PROVEN.

You can quote me on that!

John “Mac” MacDougall

Rich Felton

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From: Rich Felton
Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2011 4:02 PM
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Success with your High Low Rig

Bob: I caught my personal best Striper (43" - 27 lbs) using your High Low Rig this morning at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware.

Thanks again for your great rigs!

Rich Felton

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From: Rich Felton
Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2011
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: RE: Success with your High Low Rig

And now...the rest of story. I pulled onto the beach around 7am, nobody else in sight. I bait up 2 rods, cast them out and walk back to my truck to get my chair. I turn around and see one of rods bent 90 degrees. I drop the chair and run down to start reeling in the fish.

Guess what. My other rod gets hit by a fish. So now I'm reeling in the big striper and worrying about losing my other rod. I land the big striper after 15 minutes or so and start reeling in the other line. I had another striper, a short one, hooked on another High Low rig.


Chip P-----Original Message-----
From: Chip P
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Re: Shipping Notice

Hello Bob,
I'm new to surf fishing and just recently purchased some rigs from you. They are high quality rigs, and worked like you said they would. My 13 year old son caught a 37" long, 17-1/2" girth striper on your high-low rig with 7/0 hooks off the Brigantine beach this past Sunday. See attached photo.
Your rigs are money well spent. I won't waste my money on the junk out there.
Take care and thanks.

Chip P

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From: budb
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Great Job

I have been fishing for 60 years (no joke) and fishing for stripers for 50 of them, this isthe BEST rig I have ever used (also no joke). This is my 3rd round of ordering the High-Lowand I will continue to do so GOOD JOB!!! keep it up. Landed a 33 #er today with the rigbut I can hear the 50 #er calling.

Bud B

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From: Enrico R
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Rigs

Dear Bob,
My younger brother lives in Florida and uses your rigs all the time and claims he catches every kind of fish. We visited him over Christmas and he gave me three of your rigs as a present, a High Low, a Slap Shot and a Fish Finder. I appreciated his gift but I always make my own rigs or buy them if I don't have the time to do it myself. Inspecting your rigs they are much better than mine and 100 times better than anything I can buy here in Texas.

My first fishing trip this year I used all three rigs and caught not only my best ever redfish, but a total of eight. I released all but one. I also caught snook, a tarpon that measured short at 79 inches and limited out on spotted sea trout. I have never had such a great day fishing!

I don't know which rig worked the best, they all caught multiple fish so I just ordered three rigs of each type.

I think I'm going to put a lot of hours on my boat this year!

Muchas gracias!

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From: Bill Wxxxxxxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Trophy Rigs

Dear Bob,
Had another great week fishing with your rigs. Caught striped bass and bluefish every day and on Friday my first ever black drum. It was just over 40 pounds, what a fight! Caught that on a Slap Shot rig, the one with a 9/0 hook. I caught stripers and blues on the Slap Shot, High Low and the Fishfinder rig, all of them worked as advertised and held up to repeated use. There is nothing better than fresh striper and I now have plenty of striper filets in the freezer.

Bill Wxxxxxxxx
PS: I released the black drum. I heard they really aren't table fare and it would have been a real job to filet it!

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From: Tom Sxxxxxxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Your Rigs

Hi Bob,
Thank you for getting my last minute order shipped before your vacation. I rigged up the Shock Leaders on Friday night, no problem, just followed the directions for the Albright knot. It was easy and, this sounds dumb, but I felt a lot more confident with your leaders.

Saturday was the best day of the year for me, there were schools of bunker all over the beach with a lot of big bass! I used two rods. One rod with a Penn Slammer bait runner reel with a bunker chunk on your Tournament Trophy Bait Rig with a 8/0 circle hook and your FishFinder. That one was in a spike. The second rod was rigged with clams on the High Low rig with 7/0 Octopus hooks.

I was very "busy" for almost two hours, what a blast, I scored a lot of "near keepers" but also had 3 of my biggest bass of the year. The top one weighed 32.75 pounds. I don't know which rig worked the best, I was running back and forth. I think your recommendation to use the two different rigs all the time is right on!

Tom Sxxxxxxxx

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From: JPI
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Fishing Report - New York

Hey Bob!
Fished Dems here on Long Island. Outstanding, I out fished everyone in my group. There were 6 of us and I usually catch the least and smallest stripers! For every fish one of my friends caught, I caught 2! When I hooked up with what ended up being the biggest striper of the day I knew it just wasn't my luck, it was your rigs. I finally had to give each of my friends a rig but not until very late in the day. :-) Sending you another stocking order today!


Michael Didomenico - 60 Lb 50 inch Black Drum

-----Original Message-----
From: MD
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: StriperSurf Rigs

Click Picture to Enlarge

Thank you so much for creating the best fishing rig out there. Today I brought in a 60 Lb 50 inch (Black) drum off the surf and I know if I had any other rig out there it would of easily broke. I have been using this same rig for most of the season and its still holding strong after all the abuse I put it through. I just wanted to say by far you have the best rig out there bar none! This catch wouldn't of been possible without it. Your Tournament Trophy Rigs are the best.

Michael Didomenico

-----Original Message-----
From: RBD
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Thank you

Many thanks for your terrific rigs, best I've ever used. My casting distance was improved and they were actually easier to cast. Mainly I like them because they catch fish! Had a great weekend, lots of stripers, in fact so many I am now an official catch and release fisherman. Biggest striper was 29 and 3/4 pounds. Not too shabby!

Thanks again,

-----Original Message-----
From: GG
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Columbus Day

Your rigs are the best. Had a great day, caught over a dozen stripers, 7 were keepers, I released all but one. That one was 34 pounds! What a fight! I fished with the same rig all day long, they really can take a beating! I am ordering more now, just in case. ;)


-----Original Message-----
From: BL
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Wonderful Day

Dear Mr. D'Amico,
I promised myself that I would email you before I hit the sack last night but I was too exhausted. You gave my family an experience that we will be talking about for years - our best day fishing! From early morning until we left the beach at 10:00 PM last night we caught so many fish we lost track of the number. All day long we caught and released dozens and dozens of stripers and blues. We even had doubles of bluefish on the same rig! I have twin boys (14 years) and twin girls, (12 years) as you can imagine they are quite a group and the competition is fierce at times! It was a pretty even match but the girls won! My wife said yesterday was the only day she can remember that the kids didn't have a spat, they competed but they helped whoever had a fish on their rod. We kept two bass which we will eat for dinner tonight!

Many, many THANKS!,

-----Original Message-----
From: JC
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Order Confirmation?

Hi Bob,
Used your rigs for the first time this weekend. The results were phenomenal. In less than an hour hooked up with two 20-25 pounders and a couple ofshorts. I've been going out every weekend with absolutely no luck. I just put in the order that should last me the rest ofsummer. Let me know if you have any issues with it. Thank you again for everything.

Best regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: PR
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Slam dunk with High-Low Rigs

Thank, thank you, thank you!!!! The best day of my life!. The bunker were all over the place this morning and easy to snag. Three hours livelining but we couldn't get a bass to hit the bunker on a treble hook. I took a live bunker attached it to the top hook of your High Lo rig and put a chunk on the bottom hook. I just dropped the rig over board and let it fall to the bottom, about 25 feet. Felt it hit bottom and then BLAM, the line started peeling off my reel. My brother yelled set the hook, "SET THE HOOK!" but I followed your directions and let it go. After what seemed like forever I flipped the drag on and that circle hook set itself. After 5 minutes I had a 33 pound bass alongside the boat!

I gave a rig to my brother and buddy and we caught 11 more bass in the next hour, we released 8. They were all between 25 and 30 pounds! Five hit the live bunker and 6 hit the chunk. On two occasions as we were bringing a bass to the boat another bass swept in close, it was awesome!

We were exhausted and headed back to the marina early. When we got back to the gas dock the kid looked at us and said, "Bad Day, no ones getting any stripers" My brother said Yea, and opened the fish box and the cooler box. I wish you could have seen the look on his face, PRICELESS. When he asked "Where?" I answered "Not where, HOW and told him to check out

If you don't get an order from my brother Dxxxxxx Rxxxxxx this week let me know, he has to buy 3 sets of rigs for our next trip. He lost the pool!!

----Original Message-----
From: RB
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: RE: Hi/Low Rigs

Thanks, Bob. Nice fish. Glad you got the time to fish. Quick note on your rigs. Fished Bxxxxxxxxx last Week and had 2 stripers and lost one. My 2 buddies fishing different rigs did not even have a bite. Enjoy your weekend.

-----Original Message-----
From: KC
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Shipping Notice

Thank you so very much... A friend let me borrow one of your rig fish finder rigs and I boated three 35+ pound stripers within an hour off the shores on Cape Cod. Truly amazing...
Thanks again!!

-----Original Message-----
From: D. McQxxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: my first bass ever in the surf.

Dear Bob,
The High Low Rig was a great success at Hither Hills this past Saturday 6/5/04. While everyone around me pulled in skates and dogfish I reeled in a 14 pound Striper. He hit a clam belly on the top rig, seconds after the sinker hit bottom. I couldn't believe that there was a striper on the line almost instantly! Many thanks, Your rigs are incredible.

Best Regards
Rick McQxxxx

Message Board Post
posted 04-29-04 05:15 PM by Enby

Bob D I can only say one thing about your Hi-Low bait rigs "STUPENDOUS". I had a little competition with a friend last month, he brags about how many stripers he catches with his very SPECIAL hand tied rigs his brother makes. We were @ Raritan Bay 11:30P-2:30A [two poles ea.,same bait] He nailed 1 Short 18", I brought in 1 - 21 & 23,1 - 26" & a 29". He really got pi$$ed when I let them have another chance to be caught again. I continually rub him the wrong way about The Hi-Low Rigs. Eventually he will buy some, I know it!

Today I was showing a gentleman the site when my hi-low rigs arrived. I told him he must use them, upon inspecting them, he said he sees why I catch an abundance of stripers. His statement regarding the rigs was, I have to buy some. Thanx Neal

-----Original Message-----
From: AGP
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: High Low Rigs

HEY BOB - THEY WORK IN RHODE ISLAND TOO! Went out last night with my buddy Ted. He always beats me up but last night I beat his ass! When I took out the High Low rig he laughed at me. Ten minutes later I yelled over to him to help me land the first bass! Even with two good sized chunks on the High Low I was able to get out farther than ever before, we know there's a ledge just out of reach but not last night, I got there and took 6 bass within 2 hours. Meanwhile Ted was eeling and kept moving closer to me. Finally he asked me for a rig and then he went and took 3 fish. None of them were trophies, but they were all healthy keepers. The biggest was mine, about 38 inches, maybe 25 pounds. Wahoo!

-----Original Message-----
From: SAM
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Super Rigs

Dear Bob,Thank you so much, you gave us a night we will never forget. We got to the spot ... around 7:00 PM and set up two rods with high low rigs. One rod had clams and the other bunker chunk. At first I wasn't sure I correctly identified the cut in the bar even though the tide was low but you were right, the bass came right in as it got dark and the flood started. My son Bill landed the first bass after 15 or 20 minutes and then we were into fish, left and right. Billy said all his fish took the top hook, I think 3 quarters of mine were also on the top hook.

The fish were THICK, at least to me. I was really sweating it out since I only had 3 rigs but they held up great and we actually ran out of clams and bunker. Billy broke his personal best, 19 pounds, damn good for an 11 year old in his first year of surf fishing. We brought that one home.
God bless you!

-----Original Message-----
From: SR
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Put to the test

Bob - I cut the bunker and hooked them like you instructed. I couldn't believe it, we were bangin bass all day. My bud Sal was using a XXXXX chunking rig but wasn't catching anything until I sold him one of your High Low rigs. He may be my buddie but your rigs were like gold yesterday. I've tried to tie them myself but I don't make them half as good as yours. I am ordering two more sets today. I think Sal is going to order his own. Do you put some kinda magic stuff on them? :-) Thanks Steve

-----Original Message-----
From: George Mxxxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Maine Fishing Report

I used your high low rig up in Maine last week. After I caught three times as many stripers as my companions ( and anyone else on the beach), they began to suspect that my angling wizardry was not the only reason for the difference. We therefore conducted a test of three different terminal tackle arrangements. We caught 3 stripers on the high low bait rig and none on either of the other rigs. Your rig made several converts on our beach! Just wanted to thank you and apprise you of our success.

-----Original Message-----
From: barry_xxxxxxxxx
To: Bob D'Amico
Subject: Important Message: Hi-Low Order

I am about to place an order online for 6 more sets of high low rigs. Total will be $90.00 but I don't want you to email me back to doublecheck because my wife uses this email account also. She will not understand :-)

I had my best day fishing ever, caught more stripers and blues than any day since I started fishing 12 years ago! You may not believe this but I had double hook ups, not once but twice! We were drift fishing near xxxxxxxxx with bunker chunks with only an occasional 4 or 5 lb blue when I decided to try the high low rig on the next drift. All of a sudden my rod was jerked down and then jerked much harder, the drag started screaming and I was being pulled all over the bay. I couldn't get any line back at first but thank God for braid! I made my brother Dan backdown the boat so I could get some line on my reel. It took about 20 minutes, we thought it must be a huge striper but it wasn't. It was two stripers, one was over 20 pounds and the second was around 12 pounds! What a riot getting them both in the boat! The two fish ruined the rig but it was worth it!

I attached a new rig and the same thing happened about 30 minutes later but this time it was a 15 pound bass and a 10 pound bluefish. That pair was incredible. I was lucky that the bluefish hit the top hook so we were able to get it off and release it to get to the bass. That rig was destroyed by the bluefish, leaving me with one.Dan and I shared the last rig for the rest of the tide. We each boated 4 more bass from 10 pounds up to the biggest a 34 pounder! That one was Dan's.

Now you know why I'm ordering 6 more sets of rigs!!! No way I would have boated either of those double hook ups with a regular rig. Your 60 pound line and big barrel swivels are NOT overkill! Can you get me all the new rigs by Thursday? Please!!!!

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