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Off the Beach Cast

The Off the Beach (Ground) cast is a “Power Cast” but one of the easiest surf casts you can use and under normal fishing conditions it should be your primary cast. This, like all casts, is not dependent on physical strength but on the fluid movement of your body, your EYES and the physics of centrifugal force applied to your rod over a 200 arc. More »

Atlantic Menhaden
Baitfishing Basics
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    Hooks, Line types &, best terminal tackle practices.
  • Albright Knot Instructions and Video
    The best knot to join 2 different size lines, a Shock Leader and Braid to Monofilament.

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    State Fishing Regulations

    Articles at Go to Website

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    This nifty calculator is pretty accurate but keep in mind that not all fish have the same “body mass.” (Saltwater Striped Bass Length - Age - Weight Chart is located HERE Go to Website and includes a download link for the data in a Microsoft Excel file.)

    Fish Weight Calculator

    Enter the Girth and Length of the Fish
      Girth in Inches    Length in Inches  

      Weight in Pounds  

    Measuring the Length of a Fish

    The common way to measure is from tip of mouth to the fork of the tail fin using a tape measure, is actually NOT CORRECT for most fish but “safe.” The problem here is that some states apply the “fork” rule and others use the more universally accepted method in the diagram. Best advice is to check the regulations in the state where you are fishing and verify that the regulations apply to your target fish .

    Avoid the biggest error, do not use a tape measure pulled over the body of the fish, it will increase the measurement since the tape has to bend over the rounded body mass of the fish. Place the tape measure on the ground or a hard surface and then place the fish on top of it. The measurement is from the closed mouth to pinched tail fin, not the “fork.” Frankly if you have to pinch the tail fin in order to meet the minimum legal length you are better off releasing the fish to grow another inch and avoid any questioning by others and especially Fish and Game Officers!

    Commercial fish measuring sticks are available (see below) but it's simple to make one out of two pieces of wood.

    IGFA Catch Certificates

    International Game Fish Association
    Catch Certificates

    Any angler of any age can apply for an IGFA Catch Certificate to commemorate a special catch. This is a great way to keep a young or old angler “hooked” on fishing. IGFA Application Go to Website
    “Each certificate features a beautiful selection of fresh or saltwater fish species, a gold embossed IGFA logo and President’s signature.”

    IGFA All-Tackle Length Record Category

    International Game Fish AssociationThe International Game Fish Association has introduced a new All-Tackle Length Record Category, effective 2011. The Rules, Application and Eligible Species and Minimum Lengths for this new category can be read and downloaded at Go to Website

    The impetus for this new category is to promote more Catch and Release fishing, the page linked above provides information on best practices, releasing fish and documentation required. This is something you should study carefully because your next catch might very well qualify for the new record category. Do this before your next fishing trip!

    Take note that along with the necessary pictures and measurements (in centimeters) you are required to have witnesses and you must send the IGFA, 50 feet (15.24 m) of your main fishing line with the leader or bait fishing rig (with hooks) STILL ATTACHED. Plus...

    All fish that are entered for All-Tackle length records must be measured on an official IGFA Measuring Device, which can be purchased online at the IGFA website Go to Website and through several major fishing tackle retailers.

    Note: does NOT sell the official IGFA Measuring Device.

    International Game Fish Association Measuring Device Go to Website
    Copyright © IGFA

    IGFA International Angling Rules

    The diagram below details only one small part of the Leaders section of the IGFA International Angling Rules Go to Website as they apply to Rigs. To review all the rules go to this page Go to Website on the official IGFA website and download the complete document (Adobe PDF).

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    Casting Sinkers

    Click Image to EnlargeClick to Enlarge - Casting Sinkers