Please review the brief information about the three rig “families” offered and the two charts below for Specifications and Rig Selection by Fish Species.

High Low Saltwater Bait Rig

Tournament Trophy™ High Low Rig

High Low Rigs — Saltwater - "BJPF" - Tournament Trophy™

The High Low Rig is one of the classic rigs used just about everywhere. Not all High Low Rigs are “equal,” the Trophy Rigs design is over 50 years old and very different from mass produced imported Hi-Low rigs. First the dimensional layout of the rig is radically different and the Dropper Loops which hold each hook are tied based on the size of the hooks.

Why is that a big deal you ask.... Long, “one size fits all” Dropper Loops hinder casting distance and also tangle. Key attributes of my High Low Rig are that it casts further, won't tangle and “holds bottom.” Since the sinker weight is at the very bottom of the rig it is ideal for casting in strong wind conditions, it sticks to the bottom and with a top and bottom swivels it won't roll or twist due to rough water or strong cross currents. If the you need to cast to a specific “spot” or extra long distance this is the rig you should use.

Trophy Pier & Party Boat High Low RigThe Tournament Trophy™ High Low Rig is the same basic design but built for fishing for large fish that will put up a brutal “knock down, drag out fight,” it will not fail even if two 30 pound plus fish hit at the same time! Recommended especially for Black Drum.

The “BJPF” High Low Rig is for Boat, Jetty, Pier and Freshwater use. It measures 36" (91.4cm) long along with a variation in the location of the hooks.

Trophy™ PIER & PARTY BOAT High Low Bait Rig: Heavy duty version of the “BJPF” built to handle fishing from a high Pier or Party Boat and big fish. Tied with 80 Lb test clear Momoi® Hi-Catch monofilament. The black 150 Lb test top Crane Barrel Swivel is attached with a swaged aluminum sleeve and a Stainless Steel Spring Loop Line Protector .
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Trophy™  Fish Finder Slider Rigs

Fish Finder Slider Rigs — Tournament Trophy™ Mono or Fluorocarbon & Standard Rig

The most well known rig but probably the most misunderstood and/or misused. An excellent rig when using live bait or large bait chunks. It can be used with or without the included Heavy Duty, Braid proof, Fish Finder Slide and a weight. With the Slide and weight it becomes a bottom rig that allows a fish to pick up the bait but not feel the pressure of the weight as it turns.

The Tournament Trophy™ Momoi Hi-Catch® Monofilament or Seaguar® Fluorocarbon versions are designed and assembled to avoid a key failure in most rigs, knots breaking under pressure. The hook is not simply tied on but attached by a proper snell knot. A professional “old time” full snell knot looks like this .

Swaged on 150 Lb test Crane Barrel Swivel with Spring Loop Line ProtectorThe terminal end of the rig is designed with offshore fishing components which provide several benefits - two key benefits are they allow the rig to pivot freely under pressure and the terminal joint will NOT break. Your main line or the leader itself will break, not the joint.

Rigs are available in lengths from 6 inches to 5 feet (15.2cm - 1.5 m). For shoreline fishing the longest recommended length is 24 inches (61cm), from a boat 30 to 48 inches (76.2 cm - 1.22m) is normal.
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"Slap Shot" Bait Rigs

Slap Shot™ Slider Rigs — Single & Double Hook

Double SlapShot SliderIntroduced in 2010 the SlapShot has become a “phenom” in the Northeast although it is well known on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where fishermen have knock down battles with Black and Red Drum.

The rig combines the best features of the High Low and Fish Finder Slider rigs. Excellent casting distance, high shock and tangle resistance, holds the bottom in rough water and with the pre-attached Fish Finder Slide it allows the fish to turn without feeling the weight.

If you want to “hedge your bet,” select the Double Slap Shot which has a second “high hook” attached to the 80 pound test main leader.

Available leader lengths for the snelled bottom hook are 6, 9 or 12 inches. Best all around length is 9 inches. I strongly recommend 8/0 Circle, or 8/0 to 10/0 Octopus hooks with the SlapShot. Those sizes will hold a substantial bait chunk and are big enough take on trophy fish.
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Big Game & Tuna Chunking Rigs

Trophy™ Big Game Chunking Rigs are Tournament Legal, available in Custom Leader Lengths from three (3) to ten (10) feet of Seaguar Fluorocarbon and Robust! Assembled knot free using aluminum crimp sleeves and stainless steel anti-shock and anti-chafe springs on both the Owner Super Mutu Big Game 4X Strong Circle Hook and solid welded double ring Ball Bearing Swivel.

Owner Super Mutu Circle Hooks are the “super” hook for serious tuna and Big Game fishermen. The hook features oversize wire and Owner's unique “hangnail” point,Pelagic Chunking Rigs it will not straighten out on monster Bluefin and Bigeye Tuna, Yelllowfin, Grouper or a hook grinding Black Drum. The 4X strong shank is ideal for rigging large live baits and big chunk baits.


Although ideal for small offshore pelagics — Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Atlantic Bonito, Little Tunny (False Albacore) plus inshore species such as Seabass, Striped Bass, Redfish, Pompano, Black Drum, Tarpon, Sea Trout, etc., this custom chunking rig is built to take on powerful fish. Hooks are attached by a full Snell knot, the leader is terminated by a 220 Lb test Krok® 100% stainless steel Power Swivel attached by an Offshore Loop knot and locked by an aluminun crimp sleeve. That combination provides shock resistance at the barrel swivel and assurance that the knot won't break. Under extreme pressure the fluorocarbon leader will break somewhere along the leader.
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Custom Leaders

Choose from Momoi Hi-Catch® Monofilament Leaders as well as Seaguar® Fluorocarbon Leaders for small Pelagics - Atlantic Bonito, Little Tunny (False Albacore) plus Mahi Mahi, Seabass, Striped Bass, Redfish, Pompano, Trout, Weakfish, etc. Both types are available in sets of three, lengths as long as 10 feet and include 9 extra components to keep you on the water.

Click to EnlargeTrophy™ Zero Twist and Big Game Leaders are made from 60, 80 or 130 pound test Seaguar 100% Fluorocarbon or Seaguar Big Game© Fluorocarbon using heavy duty Trophy™ Solid Welded Ring Ball Bearing Swivels and Coastlock Snap Swivels with stainless steel Spring Loop Shock Protectors.

Black Nylon Coated Wire Wound Steel Leaders: Set of Two (2) 30 Lb or 45 Lb Test Steel Leaders: 90 Lb Crane Barrel Swivel - 75 Lb Test DuoLock Snap and two spare FastSnaps™. Available in Lengths 9" - 12" - 18" - 24" and 36".
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Rig Specifications Chart

All Trophy Rigs are designed to catch just about any fish that swims. The decision on which rig to use is based on the fish species you are targeting plus Weather, Wind, Currents, Structure, Water Depth, Bait type, fishing from a boat or a shoreline.

The reference chart below is subjective, it lists the specifications and characteristics of each type of rig which can be used for the various fishing methods and conditions which may be encountered. Example: If you encounter bad weather conditions such as high winds, strong cross currents and tides; the rig you use should be rated to work well in the categories Holds Bottom, Tangle Resistance, Casting Distance.

Rig Type
Nbr of
Live or
Large Baits
Bait on
All Hooks
Hook Size Comparison Chart High Low Saltwater 48" 60 2 G G E E E F No Yes E
Hook Size Comparison Chart Tournament Trophy™ High Low 48" 80 2 S S E E E F No Yes E
  "BJPF" High Low 36" 60 2 G G E E E F No Yes E
Hook Size Comparison Chart Trophy Pier & Party Boat High Low 36" 80 2 S S E E E F No Yes E
Photo Trophy Fish Finder Slider ** 6" - 48" 60 1 E E G G G E Yes No F
Photo Trophy Fish Finder Slider Fluorocarbon ** 12" - 48" 60 1 E E G G G E Yes No F
  Std. Fish Finder Slider ** 6" - 60" 60 1 F G G G G E Yes No F
Photo SlapShot 30" - 36" 80+60 1 E E E E E G Yes No G
Photo Double SlapShot 36" - 42" 80+60 2 E E G E E G Yes Yes G
** Based on a maximum leader length of 24" LEGEND  S - SUPERIOR E - EXCELLENT G - GOOD F - FAIR  
1: Fish Finder Slider and SlapShot Rigs are available in lengths selected by the customer.
2: C&R = Catch and Release. Designations in chart are for all hooks types available. The use of Circle hooks normally eliminates the chance of “gut hooking” a fish, allowing its release unharmed. With Circle hooks all the rigs would be classified as C&R Excellent

Rig Selection by Fish Species

This chart is based on multiple sources of information, Field Testers, Customer Reports and of course personal knowledge from + 50 years of experience. HOWEVER I have weighted it more towards Customer Reports since they are “first person” statements and I know from sales records the exact details of the rigs purchased. In my opinion that information, collected since 2003, is the most reliable source for new customers to use for their purchase decision.

The Legend on the bottom of the chart needs some explanation. The Green button for “Preferred” does NOT mean you should only use that specific rig. The designation of “Preferred” rig for a fish depends upon on different factors, e.g. brutal fighters or known to be “line shy” or simply based on their natural habitat. All rigs are field tested however “No Data” means I have not yet received reports from customers. SlapShot rigs were introduced in late 2010 so the lack of data on all the fish species, especially foreign fish is understandable.

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Fish Species

Fish Species

LEGEND Recommended Preferred Not Recommended No Customer Reports Available