PRODUCT AVAILABILITY               Phone: (732) 997-9207

The item is available for immediate shipment from inventory.
Item is normally inventoried but currently depleted. Re-stocking is on a daily basis, estimate 2 to 4 workday turnaround.
Item is normally inventoried but may not be scheduled for re-stocking within the next 7 to 10 days.
The item is currently back-ordered from my supplier and will ship upon availability.
Please contact me first by phone (732) 997-9207 or Email for a delivery estimate.

Delivery time is always critical, if you need to be 100% sure I can ship an item immediately or within a specific time frame, please contact me first. I do not always know the inventory counts of each item and the inventory status indicators on each page are not determined in “real-time.” They are updated based on a daily physical count of each specific item. If an item you order is unavailable I will notify you via email or phone. 100% refunds are IMMEDIATELY issued upon request of the customer.