• Trophy High Low Bait Rigs are based on a unique design that goes back +50 years! They are made with 2 hooks of your type and size choice and are available in 5 variants. The Trophy™ High Low Bait Rig casts further and won't tangle like other high low rigs or the infamous 3 way swivel rig. More »

  • "Slap Shot"™ Bait Rigs are designed for quickly setting the hook. An ideal rig for Stripers, Redfish, Black Drum, Grouper or any fish hunting for food near the bottom. Available in single or a unique double hook configuration. More »

  • Tournament Trophy™ Fish Finder Bait Rigs, also called “Slider Rigs,” are designed and fabricated with offshore “big game fishing” components specifically to allow live baits to swim naturally or your cut bait to float freely. The rig will easily pivot at the strike of a fish and permit you to apply pressure from any direction without failing. More »

  • Two types of custom made chunking rigs made to handle Big Game fish from Bluefin Tuna to Giant Sea Bass and offshore/inshore species such as Cobia, Jacks, and Mahi Mahi. All rigs are made from Seaguar Flurocarbon and the highest quality terminal tackle available. More »

  • Full range of custom leaders including a “Kit” with 9 extra components for specific applications and to keep you fishing. Types available — Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament, Seaguar Fluorocarbon, Zero Twist, Big Game and Black Nylon Coated Wire Wound Steel Wire Leaders. More »

  • Heavy Duty Braid Proof Fish Finder Slides with Duolock Snaps and Beads, Stainless Steel Trophy FastSnaps,™
    Terminal Tackle »

  • Frequently Asked Questions, How To Articles, Diagrams, Distance Casting, Measuring Fish, Weight Estimator, Books, Links, State Fishing Regulations, Metric Conversion and IGFA International Angling Rules and All Tackle Length Record.
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    “It's rare to find a product or business today that meets all customer expectations. My order was received promptly, your recommendations on what to order and what not to order were sincerely appreciated and proven by the increase in number of fish I caught in the last month. The quality of your rigs, right out of package, exceeded anything available in the shops and dollar for dollar I know their value beats all the competition. ”  More »

  • Charts to assist you in the decision on which rig to use based on the fish species you are targeting plus Weather, Wind, Currents, Structure, Water Depth, Bait type, fishing from a boat or a shoreline. All Trophy Rigs are designed to catch just about any fish that swims. Charts »